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Welcome to the Function 2005 website

Party is over!


October 11.
And here we have the after-party page. Thank you for everyone who visited and helped, hope to see everyone next year!
October 10.
Uh. Party is over, we liked it. After-party page soon.
September 13.
And now finally we have information and pictures of the party place. We love it already. Do you? (Thanks to Ray/Therapy for the pictures.)
September 8.
The map is now also available here, or on the location page.
September 7.
The designs of the party T-shirt are finished, you will be able to buy it at the party for 8 euros. Check them out here.

The location page was also updated with informations about how to reach the partyplace. Important: if you're coming from abroad, please note the organizers so we can be sure you don't get lost.

We also have a nice banner, you can spread it and link to us:

September 5.
Page is open, finally. Some parts are still missing, we'll get it finished as soon as possible, will add maps, info about finding the location, pictures, stuff like that. You can register to the party, and we hope to see you there!
(Note: it is recommended to check for budget flights if you want to come)